“A View From Above”


Open Doors….Open Hearts…..Open Minds

Kingsbury’s Twin Towers can be seen from almost everywhere in Trenton and has been an integral part of the City of Trenton for five decades. But there is much more to Kingsbury than the bricks and mortar that are used to build the building. What’s special about Kingsbury is the people who live and work here.

Open Doors

The 364 apartments here at Kingsbury is home to a diverse population that reflects the city of Trenton; people of all ages and backgrounds. We are pleased to provide affordable housing opportunities, subject to program and property eligibility, through our partners at the the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the RAD program and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA)

Our mission at Kingsbury is to:

  • Provide and maintain high quality assisted housing at our Twin Towers and,  in the greater Trenton area;
  • Work to ensure that the residents of its communities receive fair and equitable treatment; in an environment that is free from crime and danger to their person, property, and communities;
  • Provide special programs for the residents of its communities, such as computer learning, which encourage the development of new skills and abilities by our Residents;
  • Identify other properties in the greater Trenton area and acquire and develop these properties so as to expand the availability of assisted housing;
  • Advocate for affordable, quality housing in the greater Trenton area;
  • Advocate for the continued development of the greater Trenton community.

Open Minds

Kingsbury opened a neighborhood network center in 1997. It was subsequently named after a former Kingsbury resident, a member of the National Guard, who was on duty during National Guard exercises. The Kenyon Hodges Computer Learning Center, located on the Plaza Level in the West Tower, boasts a computer room with a number of computers, high speed Internet access, and three additional learning rooms. Programming includes on-line higher education and digital arts. The Kenyon Hodges Learning Center has attained Certified Status by Neighborhood Networks.

Open Hearts

When you sign a lease and move into your new home at Kingsbury’s Twin Towers, know that there are many people who are dedicated to providing you a clean, safe environment, and who are responsive to your concerns.

Our management team is available to answer questions or to follow up on problems you may encounter while a Resident.

Our service coordinator is available to work with you in identifying programs and services that you may benefit from or can assist you in meeting your needs.

Our 24/7 security team works to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Overseeing all our efforts is our Board of Trustees, whose membership includes representatives of the community and religious organizations who have been involved in Kingsbury since its inception.

Kingsbury is a non-profit housing corporation. All residents sign a drug-free housing lease addendum. We comply with all federal and state civil rights regulations, including the Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Violence Against Women Act, and Limited English Proficiency Requirements.

Kingsbury’s Twin Towers = Open Doors + Open Minds + Open Hearts

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Shakirah and her fifth grade class at Parker Elementary School won first place in the national “First In Math” competition through her involvement with the computer learning center.

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