Kingsbury is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing high quality, accessible housing in the greater Trenton Area. The commanding Twin Towers apartment buildings on Market Street are the keystone project in affordable housing, initiated by Kingsbury over 40 years ago.

This novel concept to bring middle class housing back to Trenton, was initiated by a visionary group of community leaders in the wake of the turmoil of the late 1960’s. The Twin Towers has since evolved to provide 55-and-over housing and housing for the handicapped, and has developed special community programs, including the Kenyon Hodges Computer Learning Center.

Kingsbury is managed by a Board of Trustees and sponsored by local religious, civic and labor organizations. The property is managed by a dedicated, professional staff in association with the Moderate Income Management Company.  Kingsbury Corporation’s Twin Towers is an equal housing opportunity and is handicap accessible.

KB Housing’s Mission Statement

KB Housing, a non-profit corporation of the State of New Jersey under the direction of its Board of Trustees shall:

  • Provide and maintain high quality assisted housing at the Twin Towers location and, as possible, in the greater Trenton area;
  • Work to ensure that the residents of its communities receive fair and equitable treatment; in an environment that is free from crime and danger to their person, property, and communities;
  • Provide special program for the residents of its communities, such as computer learning, that encourage the development of new skills and abilities by the residents;
  • Identify other properties in the greater Trenton area and acquire and develop these properties so as to expand the availability of assisted housing;
  • Advocate for affordable, quality housing in the greater Trenton area for the greatest Trenton area for the greatest number of qualified residents;
  • Work for and advocate the development of the greater Trenton community.