Rosemarie Johnson

When her 4 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with croup, Rosemarie had no idea what the Doctor’s were telling her. “Before I moved here, I had no knowledge of a lot of things like Diseases, Bingo, computers…” Rosemarie started coming to the center with her friend, Kat. and figured someone there would be able to tell her what Croup was. Rosemarie never thought she would be the one to look it up on the computer and felt better about the diagnosis.

Rosemarie has lived at Kingsbury Twin Towers for about 6 years. Rosemarie says the first thing she did when she moved here was play Bingo and she was hooked. She began to come to the Kenyon Hodges Computer Learning Center with her friend, Kat. Rosemarie loved to watch Kat type and wanted to learn to type like her. That’s when Rosemarie began her relationship with “Miss Mavis” of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Rosemarie was very excited and proud of herself when she finally typed her own name for the first time. “It was a good feeling,” she said.

Rosemarie continued her typing and then learned how to play games on the computer. She would come to the center and play games with her friends. When the center installed new computers. Rosemarie received her first username and password and is very proud of being able to log onto the computers.

Recently, Rosemarie has begun to use the computers to look up things on the Internet. After she takes a class about health care or healthy living, she will come to the computer lab and continue to learn more about the things she learned just learned about in class. She will watch a program on TV about an historical figure and continue to do research on the computers. “I can’t Google yet,” she says, “but I’m trying. Mr. William and Ms. Shari are always helpful.”