Open Computer Lab Hours, Homework Club, Beginning Computer Skills, Beginning Internet Skills, Service Learning Club, Girl Scouts, Social Programs, Video Game Design, Digital Painting, Digital Music Composition, Youth programming for out of school time, Grand Parents Raising Grandchildren Support Group, and One on One computer and academic help.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • After School Tutors
  • Girl Scout Leaders
  • Boy Scout Leaders
  • Drop in Artists
  • Drop in Musicians

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“Free Computer Time is what gets the teens and children in the door of the center. While here, they are safe, engaged, challenged, helped, and nurtured. Adults come to the center for access to educational resources, homework help, look for jobs, increase their skills, communicate with friends and family, access to the web, and recreation. There is something for everyone.” — Shari Sabath, Director, Kenyon Hodges Learning Center