William Rosado

In August 2007, William, our self proclaimed “badboy” is returning to college. He wants to blend his love of computers with his love of music and study towards a degree in Music Engineering.

William has lived at Kingsbury’s Twin Towers with his mother since he was 16 years old. He was able to finish his high school studies through a partnership with the Daylight Twilight High School Program and the Kenyon Hodges Computer Learning Center where teachers hold classes for students who want to earn their High School diploma. William learned about the program by coming to the center since he has always been interested in computers and composing music using computers. William would come to the KHCLC to utilize the Internet since he didn’t have it at home.

Today you can find William in the Kenyon Hodges Computer Learning Center working as the Computer Lab Attendant with adults, helping the Homework Club participants or sitting with the teens and helping them format their My Space pages.

During his tenure at the KHCLC, we have all gained from William and his experiences. William’s work with our youth is unparalleled. They come to him for support and friendship. He has become a leader in the community. As He becomes more familiar with current software technologies he has also been able to further his knowledge of music composition by taking online classes that the KHCLC offers to the youth through the Youth Digital Arts Cyber School (YDACS) and the facilitating them for our youth. Ask William about his video game creation.